Холистична терапия при Ковид-19

A recording from a webinar with Dr. Marian Ivanov, dedicated to holistic therapy at Kovid-19. Dr. Ivanov is a specialist in internal medicine and a holistic therapist who successfully passed through the disease and helped dozens of other people to do the same!

Materials included

  • Lecture part with Dr. Marian Ivanov
  • Practical part with Mimi Doncheva – breathing techniques from yoga and guided meditation

54.00 лв.


The lecture material includes medical information about what is known about the virus. Plus how to apply homeopathy, nutritherapy, apitherapy, yoga and tao techniques, aromatherapy and phytotherapy  – as an accompanying or basic treatment depending on the situation, as well as for recovery after illness.

The course also includes a 45-minute practice with Mimi Doncheva, with breathing exercises and meditation .

What will I learn?

  • What do we know and what do we not know about Kovid-19?
  • Why do we talk about Kovid-19 as a chameleon with many faces?
  • What are the treatment protocols that you will not learn about from standard medicine?
  • What is the contribution of homeopathy in the fight against epidemics and why was Dr. Mirkovic awarded the Silver Order of Napoleon III?
  • How to turn food into a powerful medicine without being an alchemist?
  • Phytotherapy and aromatherapy – how can medicinal plants be life-saving?
  • How can millennial practices from the East (yoga, Tao, Eastern medicine, etc.) be effective in the 21st century in the deadliest pandemic in 100 years?
  • Why is the Eastern wisdom “If you control your breath, you control your destiny and your life” even more relevant during the Kovid pandemic?
  • What can you learn about your health from blood counts and how can this protect you from serious complications and save your life?
  • Vaccines – how to alleviate possible side effects and / or allergic reactions?
  • A look into the near future and why the rescue of the drowning will be the work of the drowning themselves, ie of ourselves?


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